Our Story

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Hey ya'll! I'm Ruby and welcome to my shop. I started this shop with my sister Dee (owner and founder of thegoodtee.com).  For me, Lucky Boho has come to be   journey has been at times an erratic ebb and flow and found we needed that extra nudge to help manifest our intention and focus on our goals. We first discovered aromatherapy and crystals soon followed. They helped on our journey and are true believers that the power of our mind can be heightened with aromatherapy and the healing properties of crystals. 

Now, although we both had very different journey's we ended up in the same place - dealing with with an auto-immune disease and struggling with work-life balance. As an entrepreneur, Adila found it hard to hit pause on work and spend time on self care. The stresses and pressures of work consumed her and she found it hard to relax. This led to health issues.  She did the fundamentals like changing diet and learning about mindfulness to help cope.   It was when life was at the hardest that she was introduced to crystals and the idea of setting intentions to really enforce the idea that one must be present to be mindful and to deal with stress. 

During Ruby's first pregnancy, she found herself coming out of remission for ulceritive colitis and dealing with health issues on top of the experience of being a first time mom. After the birth of her son, Ruby struggled with anxiety and depression. So much change and and not knowing what to do, Rubina started practising Yoga at a wonderful little studio that helped teach meditation and mindfulness. Always a fan of essential oils she used that along with meditation to overcome the anxiety (although let's be honest, it's an on going journey). Around the same time, Adila introduced her to the beauty and energy of crystals. 

Finding wellness and balance can be manifested in different ways and we're excited to explore just how! We're bringing our what we discover to you and hope you love them too <3  

With Gratitude,  

Dee & Ruby 

Co-Founders Lucky Boho